How the I-neb AAD System Works

The I-neb® AAD® System uses Adaptive Aerosol Delivery (AAD) technology to precisely and reproducibly deliver VENTAVIS® (iloprost) Inhalation Solution to every patient, at either dose (2.5 mcg or 5.0 mcg), using a single ampule of medication. The I-neb AAD System monitors a patient's unique breathing pattern and adapts to breathing changes during treatment. The I-neb AAD System delivers VENTAVIS in the form of a mist only upon inhalation.2

With the I-neb AAD System, a medication chamber controls the dose and a control disc operates the I-neb AAD System. Once a patient receives a complete dose, the I-neb AAD System stops delivering aerosol and signals the user with visual and audible indicators.

Maximum lung deposition2,16

I-neb AAD analyzes breathing patterns for precision dosing

Adapted from Nikander16
Based on an in vitro study.

I-neb generates micro-aerosol and analyzes breathing patterns, delivering the drug during only the first 80% of inhalation to maximize lung deposition.2,16