Dosage and Administration

Patients should be trained in proper administration techniques, including dosing frequency, ampule dispensing, the
I-neb® Adaptive Aerosol Delivery (AAD®) System, and equipment cleaning.

VENTAVIS is available in 3 dosing options
2.5 mcg with 10 mcg/mL — Red
5.0 mcg with 10 mcg/mL — Purple
5.0 mcg with 20 mcg/mL — Gold

Different colored chambers and dosing discs are NOT interchangeable. Patients should not use the 20 mcg/mL ampule with the purple- or red-latched medication chambers.

Breath-actuated precision dosing

The I-neb generates micro-aerosol and analyzes breathing patterns, delivering drug during only the first 80% of inhalation to maximize lung deposition.2,16

Based on in-vitro study
Adapted from Nikander16

The I-neb AAD System was designed to analyze breathing patterns. It determines the starting point for aerosol delivery by measuring the pressure changes in airflow,2 and then sets the duration of each pulse by analyzing the particular breathing pattern.16 The I-neb continually adapts aerosol delivery to changes in breathing patterns.2

Tidal volume and inspiration/expiration ratios of conventional nebulizers and the I-neb AAD2

Adapted from Denyer2

Faster treatment times for patient compliance

In vitro studies showed that the higher 20 mcg/mL concentration shortens treatment times for appropriate patients§

The 20 mcg/mL concentration is intended for patients who are maintained at the 5 mcg dose and who have repeatedly experienced extended treatment times which could result in incomplete dosing. VENTAVIS 10 mcg/mL ampules are still available. VENTAVIS should be taken 6 to 9 times daily, at least 2 hours apart.1

§Based on an in vitro study with a manually generated 28.3-L/min, 15-sec inhalation cycle breathing pattern.14