Cleaning the I-neb AAD System

Once-a-day cleaning helps reduce the time from setup to cleanup

Convenient carrying cases help patients organize their treatments so they only clean once a day

Blue: carrying case for clean chamber lids with mesh Orange: carrying case for used chamber lids with mesh

Making VENTAVIS part of the daily routine

Instructions for patients on daily cleaning of their I-neb medication chamber

Starting the day

Load blue case with clean, dry chamber lids with mesh.

Fill orange case with distilled water and close the lid.


After VENTAVIS is placed into the I-neb Adaptive Aerosol Delivery (AAD) System medication chamber, remove a clean, dry chamber lid with mesh from the blue case. Place the chamber lid on top of the medication chamber, close the latch, and attach the mouthpiece.

Take the VENTAVIS treatment.

Remove the used chamber lid from on top of the medication chamber and place it in the orange case filled with distilled water.

Once-a-day cleaning

At the end of the day, remove the day's used chamber lids from the orange carrying case and place them in the mesh wash basket.

Place mouthpiece, medication chamber, and drug guide in main wash basket.

Using only one drop of dishwashing liquid without bleach, fragrances, or antibacterial ingredients, wash in distilled water. Rinse in distilled water. Air dry for 2 hours before using again.

Why cleaning with distilled water is important

Each chamber lid with mesh has over 5000 tiny holes. Tap water contains minerals that can build up and collect on the mesh over time. If these holes are blocked, the I-neb AAD will not work as it should and your patients' treatments may take longer. That's why it's so important that your patients ONLY use distilled water for their daily cleaning and weekly boil. Keeping the mesh clear of minerals can help them get the most of their VENTAVIS treatments.